The Band

Current Members:


Sean Hogan

Sean Hogan is the frontman of kiloton. He plays guitar and does vocals, as well as being the primary songwriter, audio engineer, and A founding member of Kiloton.


Vince DeFina

Vince DeFina is the bass player for kiloton, as well as Fellow OC Metal band “Apathy”. He is the founding bass player, however he was kicked out in 2018, later re-joining in early 2019.


Aidan Kalinowski

Aidan Kalinowski is also responsible for the kick-ass guitar playing on every kiloton song. He is the second guitarist in the band’s history.


Previous Members:


Izzy Burrill

Izzy Burrill was the founding Guitarist of Kiloton, playing alongside Sean Hogan for the band’s first Demo. She now plays in “Rrezik” as the lead guitarist.


Seth Thomson

Though technically only a session bassist, Seth Thomson is so much more than that. after Vince Defina was Kicked out in 2018, Sean Hogan needed a bassist to drive the low-end of the musical spectrum. Seth ended up writing bass lines that survived onto the band’s debut album “First Blood”.

He now plays bass in “Greer” and “Al Nero”.

Preston Bond

Preston Bond was the Founding drummer of Kiloton, although he never showed up to practice. No harm, no foul. He is not in any band currently.


Other Members of the family:


Alia Zoey Halverson

Alia Is the Band’s Artist. She is the person to blame for the amazingly well crafted cover art, and promo sketches.

Ivy Myke

Ivy Myke is the Band’s Mascot. He is named after the “Ivy Mike” - A test Thermonuclear bomb that the US used during “operation ivy”.