Kiloton is an american Thrash/Groove Metal Band from Orange County, California.


Kiloton was Started in Late 2017 by Sean Hogan on the same day that he left a band called “The Fatalities”. He Asked former Fatalities guitarist Izzy Burrill if she would be interested in joining, her response being a firm “sure”.

Hogan then connected with Apathy Bassist Vince DeFina, and Schoolmate Preston Bond.

Bond had told Hogan that he played drums after Hogan wore a Metallica shirt to Math class. Kiloton needed a drummer, so Hogan gave him a shot.

Bond didn’t have a kit.

In early 2018 Hogan kicked DeFina Out of Kiloton because His recording a demo with Apathy prevented him from showing up to practice, but the split was friendly.

Burrill then told hogan about Al Nero (and Later Greer), Bassist Seth Thomson, who agreed to play bass for the Band’s first album.

“First Blood” demos

Hogan had written the songs for what would come to be known as “First Blood”, the band’s debut album.

The album was recorded in Hogan’s bedroom with what Hogan describes as “Shitty recording Gear that could’ve been replaced with a toothbrush”. It also didn’t help that Hogan’s Vocals weren’t the best.

Thomson, however, Layed down impromptu bass lines that rivaled those of more well known bands. These bass tracks would be the only thing to survive from this album.

After releasing “First Blood” on June 6th, 2018, Burrill quit the band, citing “Creative Differences” as the main reason.

The decision was made to Pull This version of “First Blood”, and retroactively label it a demo.

Hogan then enlisted the skills of Aidan Kalinowski, another guitarist at his school, for a complete re-recording of the album with slightly better technology.

This version used the same bass tracks as the first.

On August 1st, 2018, Hogan made a YouTube and IGTV video where he explained that the old version of “First Blood” Would be replaced. The demo would be pulled from stores on August 13th.

The new “First Blood” Was released on august 20th, 2018, but would be pulled silently on December 8th, with plans for a complete re-write, re-recording, and re-release. It would also be retroactively labeled a demo.